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Cronin Virtual B2B Sales Seminar


Over the past six years, Cronin has had the pleasure of hosting the B2B Sales Seminar in cities all over the United States, bringing together rural broadband providers’ business sales representatives and their colleagues. This year, we’ll be coming to you virtually using WebEx, providing you the opportunity to learn more about key B2B strategies to maximize business accounts and market-share safely online. Plus, there will be an interactive open-mic opportunity at the end for attendees to ask questions and share best practices.

Business customers now account for 25% of total ISP revenues and are growing with the rollout of advanced services. This seminar will take your B2B sales to the next level and fulfill your telecom’s full potential.

In-person or online, Tim Owens and the team are renowned for their highly informative and entertaining presentations. Attendees rave that Cronin events are the most effective and on-target training they receive all year!

Just $395 per person to attend live and/or on-demand!

Registration Closed



10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time

State of the Telecom Industry – B2B Market Trends
Presented by Tim Owens, Cronin

Buyers are Liars – Getting to the Facts
Presented by Ryan Dutton, SDN Communications

Wholesale Revenue Growth Strategies –
Telecom and Electric Partnerships

Presented by Joe Buttweiler, CTC

Lunch 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Mindset and Sales – Team Management
Presented by Tim Owens, Cronin

Selling Hosted Voice
Presented by Tim Owens, Cronin

Ask a Cisco Engineer – A Moderated Discussion
Presented by Gary Fischer, SDN Communications

Bringing it to the Market – Product Development Stories
Presented by Tim Owens, Cronin

Q&A – Open Forum



Event FAQ

Who Should Register to Attend?

The Cronin B2B Sales Seminar is geared for business sales representatives of rural broadband providers. However, several professionals within your organization support these individuals – from management to marketing to installation to customer service. Therefore, many titles are always represented at our events. Each person benefiting from the professional development should register to attend.

Do Registered Attendees Get Access to Both the Live Event and On-Demand Version?

Indeed! We realize our clients have busy schedules and may not be able to attend the entire virtual event on WebEx, so we will also give you on-demand access to all of the sessions.

What are the System Requirements to Connect to WebEx?

Browsers and computer systems get updated frequently. Please visit our support page to make sure your computer/device can connect to WebEx.

Will Attendees be on Video for the Live Event?

No, attendees will only hear/see the presenters and their PowerPoint slides. To avoid distractions, attendees will not share their video and their audio will be muted throughout the event until the final session of the day. If attendees would like to ask a question or make a comment, they may use the chat feature in WebEx. During the Q&A-Open Forum session, audio will be opened for all attendees so they can freely ask questions or share best practices with everyone. This is a very interactive and valuable session and we encourage attendees to share!

Will I Receive Copies of the PowerPoint Slides Prior to the Event?

Yes, you will receive a link to retrieve a PDF of each presentation in advance of the virtual event. The PDFs will also be archived and accessible with the on-demand videos.

Live Access

August 13, 2020 – CANCELLED

Join us live on WebEx on Thursday, August 13! A day prior to the live event, attendees will receive an email containing the WebEx links and teleconference instructions to connect to the B2B Sales Seminar on WebEx. The email will contain instructions for the morning sessions as well as the afternoon sessions. All attendees will exit out of WebEx at the lunch break and initiate a new connection for the afternoon sessions. This will be as easy as clicking on a link to join us for the afternoon sessions.

Live on Thursday, August 13, 2020 starting at 10:00ET / 9:00CT / 8:00MT / 7:00PT / 6:00AK

On-Demand Access

August  19  – December  31,  2020  – CANCELLEDCalendar

Your registration also includes on-demand access! We will record the entire B2B Sales Seminar and give you access to every session the following week. You will receive an email notification on Wednesday, August 19, containing personal login credentials and instructions to access the videos and the PDFs of the presentations from our online training site. You will have on-demand access through Thursday, December 31, 2020.

  Available on-demand by Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Please email Kristen Mertens, Marketing Director, if you have any questions or concerns.

What Attendees Say

“DTC has participated in many training events with Cronin and I can’t say enough about their entire team. The new B2B Sales Seminar that I attended last spring provided us with great information, ideas and strategies for marketing to new and existing business class customers. This valuable information gave us the tools we needed to help us launch our own B2B marketing plan. I am looking forward to attending this year.”
Ann Mullenix, Business Office Manager, DTC - New York
“We have learned very quickly that the marketing budgets of our national competitors are practically limitless and so in order for us to stake out our share of the market, we have had to lean heavily on a solid sales force and feet on the street. Sales has become a major thrust of our efforts and so finding a forum where we can learn and network with peers from our industry is a real blessing.

The Cronin B2B Sales Seminar is one of the best investments that we made in our sales effort this past year. The sessions were intense and on point and the networking was invaluable. I highly recommend it.”

“We’ve attended all the Cronin B2B Sales Seminars. The Sessions were all relevant to business sales operation practices and/or business service offering in today’s market. It was very educational but in an open discussion environment where ideas and experiences in business sales were shared.

It was a great opportunity to network with other Business Sales Reps/Managers from other companies. I will definitely be attending this year as well as my sales staff.”

Angie Kreider, Sales Manager, Rainbow Communications - Kansas

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and gained a lot of knowledge. I’ve only been in the industry for a few years. My background is on-air and programming/marketing of radio, so telecom is a different beast to conquer. I feel very confident in being able to explore some new avenues with the information that I gathered from the seminar and I look forward to learning even more.”

Chad Niccum, Marketing & Sales Manager, New Lisbon Telephone Company - Indiana
“I found the Cronin B2B Sales Seminar very enjoyable and informative. Not only did the sessions provide some great info but class discussions lead to some great exchanges of ideas between class members and speakers. This was the first training/seminar that I was able to attend that allowed me to network with others that have a similar role as I do in B2B Sales at an independent telco.”
Jeff Evenson, Commercial Sales and Operations, Northern Valley Communications - South Dakota

I thought the B2B seminar was excellent. There was a lot of info and resources shared that we will be utilizing for DTC’s B2B initiative. The opportunity to network with other local telcos is priceless. The venue and the location were great…looking forward to this year’s seminar.

Valerie Nichols, Assistant Business Office Manager, DTC - New York