Board of Directors Performance Evaluation

Your employees receive an annual evaluation, but what about your board? Is it meeting its full potential and providing the maximum benefit to your telco?

You may not be in a position to formally assess your board’s performance, but Cronin can!

We grade your board on 12 criteria, identify its strengths and weaknesses, recommend changes and initiatives for improvement, and compare it to other independent telcos.

Cronin’s 12-Point Board Evaluation

  • Board actions and decision-making
  • Board meeting effectiveness
  • Board composition and structure
  • Fulfillment of roles and responsibilities
  • Governance and leadership
  • Relationship with the CEO
  • Constituent communications
  • Education and industry knowledge
  • Legal and bylaws compliance
  • Board compensation and benefits
  • Goal-setting and planning for the future
  • Financial position of the telco

The Process

  • Online board survey
  • Onsite one-day working session
  • Individual board and CEO interviews
  • Analysis of board documents and board activities over the past 12 months
  • Scorecard, assessment and detailed recommendations
  • Confidential comparison to other independent telcos
  • Presentation of the results

The process is very educational and can quickly transform your board into a high-performing unit. Cronin has a reputation for being extremely direct and unafraid of tackling tough issues, but with a very positive, practical approach. Directors nationwide have embraced this process.

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