Business Planning

Does your company have a solid business plan with clear goals that engage everyone in the organization? Cronin’s Business Planning process can help. We work with your leadership team to methodically build a three-year plan to achieve concise and measurable goals. We find ways to replace lost revenues and operate at peak productivity and efficiency.

Here’s how we bring it all together for you:

Online Management and Leadership Surveys

Interviews and surveys of key leadership to identify priorities and outlooks for the company.

Internal Operations Assessment

Review of staffing levels, employee performance, allocation of company resources and reporting structures across all lines-of-business to make recommendations to improve company productivity and efficiency.

Financial Projections

Project revenues and profitability over the next three-years under multiple scenarios, including potential decline of access revenues and universal service funds.

Onsite Planning Session

In-person presentation of the results of the business analysis to the leadership team and facilitation of a planning session to establish corresponding goals and resource requirements to fund them.

Implementation and Rollout

Train all employees on the Business Plan. Develop action plans and tracking systems to ensure implementation.

Progress Reporting

Assist with development of progress reports for tracking progress and communicating results to boards and staff. Cronin can also meet with the management team by conference call quarterly to report progress and make adjustments, as needed.

What Clients Say

“Cronin conducted an extensive customer service review for Copper Valley Telecom and helped me draft a 2-year plan to improve our customers’ experiences. They took a broad look at all areas of our operation and offered insights into the most important things we could do to have the biggest impacts. Some of the ideas were things I would not have thought to consider without their outside perspective.”

Tabitha Gregory, Chief Customer Relations Officer, Copper Valley Telecom - Alaska