Employee Surveys

Your employees have a special combination of talents, knowledge and skills. It’s what makes your company distinct from all others. Successful companies stay in tune with their diverse group of employees, from Millennials to Baby Boomers, by surveying them regularly to find out what they think and value most.

Gain insight at your company with a confidential Cronin Employee Survey. It will help you solidify what your company does well and identify areas that need improvement. You’ll get honest, non-biased feedback on several categories of work-life, including these main elements –

Employee Retention – Many rural telecom companies are struggling to retain top talent. Limited access to large employee-pools makes it critical to retain top-performers. Learn what your staff values.

Employee Development – Do your employees perceive they have the tools and training they need to develop? Employees who have the appropriate tools, resources and training to do their jobs report higher levels of engagement. An engaged employee is an effective employee.

Company Direction – Find out if the mission is clear.

Departmental Communication – Communication is a challenge for all companies. Learn if departments are communicating effectively.

The Cronin employee survey process can be a springboard to developing an even greater collaborative environment in which performance and productivity is maximized.

Project Overview

The survey is conducted online. Telco staff access a secure website and “click” on their responses to a questionnaire. This process helps increase participation to approximately 85% of the workforce, compared to written surveys, which usually generate a 50% response-rate.

The survey measures eight categories of work-life:

  1.   Overall impressions
  2.   Company direction
  3.   Relationship with management
  4.   Relationship with coworkers
  5.   Internal communications
  6.   Benefits and compensation
  7.   Customer service
  8.   Training and professional development

Benchmark (optional)

Rural independent telcos are elite, high-performing businesses. Sharing and comparing data can quantify what is exceptional about your telco and what might need improving. Your confidential benchmark will detail how you rate against your peers throughout the nation.

Process | How It Works

• Cronin develops the survey instrument with your input
• Your employees receive instructions by email
• Your employees take the survey online
• Cronin tabulates and assesses the data
• Cronin produces the reports and benchmarks (benchmarks optional)

Outcomes | What You’ll Learn

• Level of employee satisfaction and loyalty
• Employee perceptions of your company or co-op
• Appreciation for compensation and benefits
• Attitudes towards customer service – internal and external
• Training and resource needs
• Awareness and support of company plans

Tangibles | What You’ll Receive

• A comprehensive, customized report with full analysis of your telco’s results
• Benchmarks to national averages (optional)

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What Clients Say

“Employee surveys are a fundamental basic to better understanding the pulse of the most valuable resource of an organization – the employees. Cronin made the experience turnkey and affordable. VTX1 values Cronin’s partnership in helping us be the best that we can be.”

Toni Rivas, Senior Manager - Sales & Marketing, formerly VTX1 - Texas

“I’ve worked with Cronin on a couple of employee surveys and have been very satisfied. Their survey is online and very convenient for the employees. Cronin has been very helpful in advising us on best methods as well as promptly answering questions and making adjustments. We’ve been very pleased with the quality of the surveys.”

Elizabeth Cheatham, Director of Human Resources, Endeavor Communications - Indiana

“Cronin made the employee survey incredibly simple. Everything from the writing of the survey questions, the execution of the survey, and the data analysis was all handled with very little effort from our team. The insight that we were able to receive from the results was extremely valuable and we will definitely be conducting follow-up surveys in the years to come.”

Russell Kacer, President, YK Communications - Texas

“Cronin’s Employee Survey service was extremely easy to work with from the setup to the design and implementation, while allowing our employees to respond anonymously online. The results we received are invaluable in helping us understand what we are doing well and finding the areas where we could do better. We found even more value when we shared the results with all of the staff because it allowed us to discuss topics more openly.”