More than just advertising and promotions, a comprehensive marketing program consists of research, product development, financial forecasting, tracking and sales.

Research and Analysis

Subscriber research to quantify business opportunities; focus groups; segmentation to guide network planning and product roll-out; benchmarking performance; tracking and reporting marketing metrics, including churn, ARPU and CPGA; use data to support marketing activities and business expansion.

Executive Team Planning

Expert direction on product development, financial planning, human resources, community development and company image, based on marketing metrics.

Staffing and Resource Allocation

Adjustments to your marketing department to maximize performance and increase productivity.

Competitive Tracking

In-depth reviews of all competitors: products, prices, services and sales outlets. Analysis of vulnerabilities and how your telco will achieve the competitive advantage.

Product Development

Pricing and bundling of all products and services to maximize sales. Goal setting based on customer demand, demographics, competition, and service area characteristics. Target penetration rates for all services and combinations of services.


Budgets to fund marketing activities: printing, advertising, postage, staffing, incentives, etc.

Company Brand

Re-establish your telco as a local, community-based business. Public relations campaigns. Work with local media outlets and community organizations to change perceptions.

What Clients Say

“We’ve been working with Cronin for nearly a decade on company initiatives ranging from employee and board member training, to public relations assistance for the promotion of our statewide fiber-optic network. Cronin is responsive, professional and always delivers for us.”

Holly Utke, Chief Financial Officer, Dakota Central - North Dakota