Research is vital to making sound business decisions and maximizing the performance of your company. Our tools and methodologies deliver fast and accurate results you can take to the bank. We help you measure, strategize and calibrate your company’s performance.

Cronin has conducted hundreds of research studies for diverse service providers and industry associations, giving us solid benchmarks against which to measure your results.

Market Feasibility Studies

Test the performance of a new service or a new territory before construction and engineering begins. Accurately forecast revenues and market-share.

Bundles and Pricing Surveys

Quantify the demand for various bundles and determine price points for all products, services and combinations. Pinpoint the incentives, discounts and promotions needed to entice customers.

Employee Surveys

Gather feedback on the company culture, employee satisfaction and awareness of company benefits.

Secret Shopping Programs

Monitor your company’s or your competition’s customer interactions through recorded calls or our under-cover video and analysis.

New Product Surveys

Establish sales goals, prices and take rates for new products, such as subscription video, wireless and security.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure the loyalty to your company and your vulnerability to the competition. Rate your customer service, hours of operation, product selection, company brand and more. Learn customer expectations and what’s required to exceed them.


Automated, online follow-ups for all new installations, service orders, trouble tickets, and tech support. Our eSurveying provides year-round feedback and up-to-the-minute results to track your performance over time.

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What Clients Say

“Our Cooperative has worked with Cronin for many years on customized training for our staff and research including customer satisfaction surveys. The Cronin staff is well educated on the rural communications industry and that expertise shows in the quality of services they provide us.

The customized training sessions for our CSRs have resulted in a more knowledgeable and energized staff, improving their customer interaction skills as well as inter-office communication. The research Cronin has done for us is essential in evaluating our strengths and weaknesses, potential business opportunities, and the competitive forces in our markets.

We value the high quality of services that Cronin provides and consider them an important component to our current and future success.”

Brian Bissonette, Marketing Supervisor, Paul Bunyan Communications - Minnesota