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Featured Presentations in 2020

We often get overwhelmed by the regulatory and day-to-day operational challenges, and forget what a privilege it is to work in telecom.  It’s the most thriving, innovate industry in the entire U.S. economy. Every day is different, and the chance to learn and grow is endless. This pep talk uses the latest consumer trends and industry developments to inspire and assure attendees of their good fortune.
Still one-half the price of the average cell phone bill, broadband is the best bargain on the telecom market. It fuels every aspect of the customer’s life, from healthcare to shopping to banking to education. The average home now has more than ten connected devices and streams more than three hours of video per day. Yet customers might not appreciate that your broadband speeds and rates are a steal! Use the messages and information from this session to increase customer value, satisfaction and loyalty.
The latest gadgets, gizmos, toys and tools your customers are connecting to the broadband network. Includes live demonstrations and simple explanations, plus our “stupid, or genius?” assessment of some of the most radical, disruptive technologies out there. It’s a fun, fast-paced journey that opens eyes and broadens perspectives.

All department managers need a basic understanding of corporate finance. It makes them sharper and more focused on the bottom line. Yet many are missing this essential management skill.

Tim Owens, President of Cronin, presents general accounting principles, how the telco makes money and the cost of doing business in a regulated, but competitive environment.

Topics include:

  • How to read financial reports: operating statements and balance sheets.
  • The big 10 financial metrics: EBITDA, depreciation and amortization, ARPU, CPGA, CAGR, churn, return-on-investment, debt-to-equity, cash flow, operating and net income.
  • Budgeting and forecasting.
  • The role of the FCC and the impact of ICC and USF reform.
  • The role of NECA: settlements, cost studies, revenue pooling and more.
  • The role of USAC: universal service funds and high-cost programs.

Cronin president, Tim Owens, puts it all into perspective with his Telecom Industry Update, a blunt look at telecom: how technology, competition and regulators are shaking up the independent sector. More than just facts and figures, Tim really helps employees and directors come to grips with the changing industry and prepare them for the future. He’s the perfect kick off to your meeting.

Cronin wows audiences with our telecom “magic show.” We’ll demonstrate some of  the latest consumer electronics customers are connecting to your broadband network. This fun and informative show-and-tell will include wireless 4G, over-the-top video and other devices to amaze you. This fast-paced presentation serves as a wake-up call: telecom has moved WAY beyond voice. We’ll provide one-page write-ups describing each technology in the most basic terms and include cheat sheets to help you call up how much bandwidth some common apps or services use.

Whether or not your company offers video, you need to know how Internet video and over-the-top services are replacing traditional viewing. Customers now have an array of options for linking their televisions to the Internet. We’ll show you how your company can benefit from this burgeoning trend and how to answer the most frequently asked customer questions.
Training on the latest consumer electronics. See how customers are networking a range of devices, from security systems to audio to lighting, using a broadband connection to manage their homes and lifestyles. Also includes the latest applications of the smart grid.
In today’s competitive environment it is critical for companies to use an analytical process for measuring the success of their marketing efforts. This presentation outlines what you need to be measuring and how to successfully implement a process to capture this data. Topics include: key performance metrics, such as ARPU, churn and CPGA; conducting market research to quantify customer demand, return on investment and forecasting.
Learn how other telcos are gaining efficiencies and cutting duplicate costs by joining forces. Shared employees, joint management, bulk purchasing, consolidated marketing and group training are just a few examples how telcos are partnering.
We’ve scoured the country and collected 50 fresh ideas to revitalize your customer service. From simple innovations to comprehensive overhauls, you’ll be inspired by the success of other telcos to make positive changes at your company.
Through our extensive work in the telecommunications industry over the past 20 years, Cronin has generated a large library of presentations. Please contact us if you’re interested in something specific for your upcoming event.

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