Onsite Training

Cronin’s onsite training programs are the most effective and efficient way to bring out the best in your employees. The sessions are always lively and interactive – attendees are fully engaged.

The following one-day courses have been developed exclusively for telecom providers. Each course can be condensed or combined to customize a new training session for your company. Additional days may be added to rotate staff and maintain coverage.

Understanding Wi-Fi

Through this one-day of interactive training, your team will learn Wi-Fi technology and its relationship to the Internet.
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Technology Day!

A super-fun, super-informative one-day session covering the latest technologies and consumer applications. This class opens minds and spurs the imaginations of telecom staff. Learn more →

The Next Generation Telecom Team

The best way to advance your company to the next level is to get your entire team on the same page with this special intensive course. Learn more →

Board of Directors

Telecom directors have it tough. They’re required to make million-dollar decisions without any formal telecom training or day-to-day operational experience. Cronin has designed a special training program to help telecoms get the most out of their boards. Learn more →

Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

All department managers need a basic understanding of corporate finance. It makes them sharper and more focused on the bottom line. Yet many are missing this essential management skill. This course covers general accounting principles, how telecom providers make money and the cost of doing business in a regulated, but competitive environment.
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The Fearless Manager

In a recent Cronin national survey, less than 50% of telecom employees say they clearly understand management’s goals for the company. The Fearless Manager session will help managers communicate goals effectively and bring out the best in their subordinates. Learn more →

Customized Training

Do you like the above sessions, but need something just a little different for your company?
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What Clients Say

“Cronin has been to our company several times (even during the middle of the Alaska winter!) to conduct CSR training. Cronin created customized training materials and topics for us on wireless and Internet technology and sales methods. Cronin developed rapport with all the staff and we look forward to having them back again.”

Tabitha Gregory, Chief Customer Relations Officer, Copper Valley Telecom - Alaska

“We have been using Cronin for training for our CSRs and I/R Technicians for many years. Cronin does a fantastic job of keeping the training sessions relevant, lively and informative.”

Kim Shepherd, Executive Director of Customer Operations, Skyline / Skybest Communications
Our employees gained so much knowledge and understanding from the Cronin Wi-Fi Training. We heard so many positive comments. Many said the best Cronin Training or any training they have ever attended. Give a big shout out to Grant, he was excellent! I can’t stress this enough, this is not my personal opinion but companywide! We would recommend Cronin to any telco!
Staci Knuths, Regional Account Executive, Mid-Rivers Communications - Montana