Understanding Wi-Fi

Onsite Training at Your Telco

Perhaps nothing compromises your customer’s online experience more than Wi-Fi. Signal interference, aging equipment, multiple connected devices, placement of the router and bandwidth hogs, such as video streaming, greatly impact performance.

Unfortunately, your customers do not differentiate between the pipe to the home and the wireless environment inside. If your telco has launched faster Internet speeds, it might find they are unappreciated and undervalued because of Wi-Fi issues.

Cronin has developed a one-day Wi-Fi class for all telco employees. Through this interactive training, your team will learn Wi-Fi technology and its relationship to the Internet. A well-trained team correlates with higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased revenues.


  • Understand the relationship between Wi-Fi and the Internet connection
  • Learn the latest and greatest router technologies: features and functionality
  • Troubleshoot customer problems and answer questions without escalation
  • Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to better serve customers
  • Raise awareness of wireless network security issues


  • Wi-Fi terms and definitions
  • Online trends and the future of the Internet
  • The many flavors of Wi-Fi
  • Solutions to boost Wi-Fi performance
  • Troubleshooting customer problems
  • Router speeds and capabilities
  • Strengths and limitations of your telco’s Wi-Fi routers
  • Instructions on basic router setup
  • Wi-Fi’s role in the Internet of Things
  • Wi-Fi network security
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Led by Grant Holmseth, Marketing and Training Manager
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What Clients Say

“We completed 2 days of Wi-Fi training at Endeavor. Grant did an outstanding job! Everyone had so many positive things to say about the training. I was amazed at how much interaction was going on with the class and Grant. I learned quite a bit about the network that I thought I was pretty familiar with as well! It was indeed a great training and Grant is really great to work with; looking forward to the next training!”
Darrin Wells, Director of Field Operations, Endeavor Communications
“Our employees gained so much knowledge and understanding from the Cronin Wi-Fi Training. We heard so many positive comments. Many said the best Cronin Training or any training they have ever attended. Give a big shout out to Grant, he was excellent! I can’t stress this enough, this is not my personal opinion but companywide! We would recommend Cronin to any telco!”
Staci Knuths, Regional Account Executive, Mid-Rivers Communications - Montana