Board of Directors
Good Governance Session
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Board of Directors Good Governance

A high-performing board is both productive and efficient. It aids the telco in fulfilling its vision, without creating undue burdens. Each director makes a vital contribution to deliberations and decision-making.  The board is a harmonious and unified body.

Good governance is the framework for high-performing boards. The special Cronin webinar is based on decades of experience working with telco boards, learning best practices and identifying common needs.

The program covers –

  • Director Qualifications and Requirements
  • Micromanagement Traps to Avoid
  • Board Protocols and Best Practices
  • Director Rights
  • Board Succession Planning
  • Board Evaluation Tool – a complimentary 12-point report card to grade your board’s effectiveness

The one-hour online session is an instant booster to board performance and establishes a pathway to greater success over time. Cronin president Tim Owens is well known for his blunt, but productive style and for challenging norms. Directors will be refreshed and motivated to make positive changes for the greater good of the telco.

Online Learning
Session Objectives

Broaden leadership skills

Increase efficiencies

Spark collaboration and strategy

Revitalize accountability

Encourage superior fiduciary responsibilities

Develop a stronger foundation

Good Governance Online Session Details

Presented live online for an engaging experience!

Every December, Cronin presents the Good Governance session live online using Cisco WebEx. The one-hour session is also recorded and archived for on-demand learning in our online training site.

Enroll your board of directors today and learn live in December or completely on-demand anytime!

Request a Sneak Peek Video of the Good Governance Session

Access the session on-demand and learn when it’s convenient for you!

Enrolled boards are given login credentials to gain unlimited access to the one-hour on-demand video in our online training site. The on-demand version will be available to directors for six months.

On-demand access gives directors the flexibility to learn together at a board meeting or on their own from the boardroom, at home or on the go – on almost any computer or device!

The written tutorial appeals to another learning style

Directors also receive an 8-page written tutorial with the Good Governance session. The written tutorial is a primer to the information directors learn in the live webinar or on-demand video.

Ideally, it should be read prior to viewing the webinar/video. Directors can keep the tutorial for ongoing reference.


For less than the cost of a single director to attend a conference or convention,
 your entire board of directors will receive an essential foundation for good governance.
Plus, there are no travel expenses! Everything is online – learn from the boardroom, at home or on the go when it’s most convenient.

Board of Directors Good Governance Session

$845Per Board
  • Includes Access for all Directors

T&C’s – Last but not least, the legal stuff

All materials developed for the Board of Directors Good Governance Session are copyright protected. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without prior consent from Cronin is prohibited. Only registered board of directors may have access to the written tutorial and webinar/video. Failure to abide by these Terms may result in the immediate removal of your privileges without recourse. Directors will have access to the on-demand video for six months.

What Our Clients Say About Cronin Board Training

“Our board found the Cronin training to be a valuable learning resource. They liked that they had the ability to watch the sessions online and on their own time. They have been able to apply the information at board meetings and strategy discussions.”

Jason M. Smith, General Manager/CEO, Rainbow Communications - Kansas
“The Cronin Board Series training is a cost effective and flexible method to educate board members on our industry. Tim Owens is exceptional in how he is able to explain complex subjects in layman terms, making it easier for newer board members to understand the complexities of our industry.”
Jeff T. Wilson, CEO/General Manager, West Carolina Tel - South Carolina

“We dedicated an hour at each board meeting to view the recording as a group. We felt it worked best for us and allowed us to collaborate on certain subjects.

Cronin did an excellent job at keeping the topic at a level that was clear, relevant and easy to understand. They took tough industry topics and put them in more common terms and then explained the applications and how we might be implementing them in our companies. We look forward to seeing what’s on next season’s agenda.”

Andrew Randol, General Manager, Panora Telco - Iowa

“The Dumont Telephone Board of Directors and I attended the inaugural Series. We watched the sessions together each month after our regular board meeting. We thought it worked out real well to view the sessions on-demand. I enjoyed it and it facilitated discussion for our board.

We think the training was good for two reasons. First, it provided necessary information for our Directors to understand details of the different subjects and second, it supported much of the work we have done with our FTTH projects. I think everyone has a better understanding of how FTTH makes it easier for the company to provide services and better service for the customer. Thanks for offering the online sessions. They were convenient and we saved on the cost of eight people traveling.”

Roger Kregel, General Manager, Dumont Telephone - Iowa

“The content of the Board Series was applicable for both new and senior directors. We viewed each session as a group during our board meetings.”

“The sessions provided a high level view of how technology is shaping the telecommunications market and contained material the directors haven’t been exposed to in other training sessions.”

“The candor of the Board Governance session was appreciated – very good recommendations to increase efficiencies and allow the directors more time to focus on the important things like strategic planning.”

“Our experience with Cronin’s Board Series has been excellent! The Norvado Board of Directors has nothing but positive comments about the series. They feel that the videos have been excellent and has prompted much positive discussion in the Board Room. Education for Directors that they can understand.

In my over thirty years of working with Directors using this series of video has been the best education tool that I have seen.”

Dave Carter, General Manager (Retired), Norvado - Wisconsin

The Board of Directors at CCT enjoyed Cronin’s Good Governance session. We’ve made positive changes based on recommendations of making better use of time and being more mindful of fiduciary responsibilities.

Board of Directors Performance Evaluation

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