Red Flags Rule
Training and Certification Online Regulatory Training for Your Entire Team

Red Flags Rule Training and Certification

Millions of Americans are victims of identity theft every year! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) established the Red Flags Rule to help businesses identify and prevent identity theft. Financial institutions and telecommunication providers are among the many businesses that must comply with the rules by maintaining an identity theft program and providing annual training to their employees.

Similar to CPNI regulations, employees must understand their personal roles in helping to protect customers’ data and recognizing and reacting to the red flags of identity theft. Cronin President, Tim Owens, walks your employees through this important federal regulation in a 30-minute training video.

The training covers –

  • The History of Red Flags Rule
  • Review of the 5 categories the FTC identifies as possible red flags
  • Appropriate responses to detected red flags
  • Requirements and responses of your telco to prevent fraud and mitigate damages
  • Personal requirements for each employee
  • The role of your board of directors

Red Flags Rule Training and Certification is available completely on-demand for up to a year so your staff can access the training and become certified when it is convenient for their schedules.

Online Learning

Certify for greater retention and tracking

Keep your telco compliant with the FTC’s rules

Detect and prevent fraud

Protect customer’s information and identity

Adequately respond to red flags

Cronin Red Flags Rule Online Training and Certification Details

On-demand Training

Train on-demand and learn when it’s convenient for you!

The Red Flags Rule Training is available completely on-demand in our online learning site. Enrolled companies are given login credentials to gain unlimited access to the 30-minute on-demand video of the Red Flags Rule Training so they can easily circulate staff through the training. Register now and your company will have unlimited access to the training through October 30, 2020 (that is, unless the FTC implements new rules).

On-demand learning gives teams the flexibility to maintain office or field coverage and train when it is convenient for your company’s schedule. Learning from the conference room, desk or at home – on almost any computer or device – has never been easier!

Plus, you’ll now have the capability to refresh or retrain employees who need extra reinforcement throughout the year.

An online quiz ensures greater retention of the information.

If you have a large team, it can be tedious to keep track of who has taken the training and who’s dodging the regulatory stuff, so we include an easy 5-point online quiz to have your staff take right after viewing the training. It serves two purposes – it helps everyone retain some of the key elements to keeping your company compliant, but it also rewards them with a personalized, date-stamped digital certificate that can be saved as a PDF or printed.

Participants must correctly answer 100% of the questions to achieve Cronin Certification and completion of the training. The quiz may be retaken, as needed.

** Our online testing site gives participants instant scoring results. HR or a Compliance Officer will also receive auto-generated emails containing participants’ results and certificates; making it easy to add to personnel files **


E-learning is extremely beneficial for companies with employees at multiple locations – NO TRAVEL REQUIRED!

Company-Wide Regulatory Training

$645Per Company
  • Red Flags Rule Training & Certification Rate Per Independent Telecom

Regulatory Training for Affiliates or Subsidiaries

  • Ask us about special pricing for your affiliates or subsidiaries.

T&C’s – Last but not least, the legal stuff

All materials developed for the Cronin Red Flags Rule Training and Certification are copyright protected. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without prior consent from Cronin is prohibited. Only registered companies may have access to the on-demand video and quiz. Failure to abide by these Terms may result in the immediate removal of your privileges without recourse.
Your company will have access to the on-demand video and quiz through Friday, October 30, 2020 or until the FTC’s rules change.

What Our Clients Say

“The online CPNI training through Cronin has been a value to our company. The ease of being able to complete the training when it fits into each employee’s schedule has made this an effective program for us and we are able to meet the regulatory requirement.”
Lisa Groetsch, Office Manager, Albany Mutual Telephone - Minnesota
“Cronin has been extremely valuable to DTC explaining trends and changes in the industry. Their dedication to the explanation of their research and sharing of statistics has allowed us to grow our revenue streams in an ever-changing industry, both from a regulatory and a consumer-preference perspective.

We will continue to rely on Cronin to explain difficult industry changes to our employees through their seminars and certification programs.”

Jason Miller, General Manager, DTC - New York
“Duo County found the need to arm our team with as much information in the most effective way concerning CPNI Training and Sales Training for expanded industry education. We choose Cronin because of the online courses, staff knowledge and certificate program to both train/certify our staff, as well as give our company the reassurance of complying with the growing regulations.

Our team is very pleased to be able to work through the courses when they have available down time from working with customers. This also supports me as a supervisor with a small department. The grading and certificate at the end of each course ensures we are ready and armed with the best information for the customer.”

Eric West, Director of Sales & Marketing, Duo County Telecom - Kentucky
“Our company used the Cronin online CPNI Training and Certification for 2017 and it was a smooth process. The video was very well presented, which made it easy to understand by our employees in all the different job categories within our company. The certification process was streamlined as well. I highly recommend using Cronin for your CPNI training needs!”
Lisa Schenfisch, Customer Service Manager, Reservation Telephone Cooperative - North Dakota

Understanding Wi-Fi

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Understanding Wi-Fi

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CPNI Training and Certification

Online Regulatory Training for Your Entire Team

Live and on-demand for your learning convenience

This annual training will teach you how to protect your customer’s information
and keep your company in compliance with the FCC’s regulations.

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