Wi-Fi I.Q. Quiz

Are you a Wi-Fi genius, or do you need to hit the books? We invite you to take the Cronin Wi-Fi I.Q. Quiz to find out. This quick and anonymous test is a fun way to measure your knowledge of Wi-Fi. 

The 20 questions range from routers to consumer electronics that connect via Wi-Fi.

We encourage you to circulate the link to your co-workers and then compare scores. Use it as a team-building exercise or as an activity for your next all-employee meeting. Cronin will monitor the overall results.

Simply answer each question and then click the “Submit” button at the end of the test, then click the “Ok” button when the confirmation screen appears (smartphone and tablet users will need to scroll up to the top to access the confirmation screen to click “OK”). You will receive your final score instantly.

Have fun and feel free to email us with any feedback!

To begin, enter the password – justforfun (all one word and lowercase).